Engineering methods and tools for collaborative development of industrial cyber-physical based products and services

The objective of the research is to provide a novel methodology and a set of ICT solutions for collaborative design of cyber-physical based product-services. The products which include cyber-physical features, such as Ambience Intelligence (AmI) features, have to be extended with new services. Development of such products and services requires collaborative work of various stakeholders. A Cloud Manufacturing approach is applied for effective collaborative design of product-services, and the effective implementation of innovative services. It involves all the actors of a value chain, within a product ecosystem, allowing manufacturers to strengthen their competitiveness at the global market. The development platform is to be provided, including a set of new engineering tools, such as a tool for selection /use of AmI solutions for building services around the products, tools for embedding context sensitivity into products and services, simulation, configuration of product-services etc. The research is driven by industrial application scenarios addressing different aspects of service and business building as well as products development in different sectors (automotive, home appliances, automation equipment etc.). In this paper the focus is on an application scenario in automation equipment industry.